EST. 2017

A Trip To The Motherland

Mother Nature’s drinks have been brought to you by Christiana, who discovered the refreshing and deliciousness of drinks made with nature’s ingredients. She discovered the goodness of the native African taste derived from herbs and spices such as Roselle petals and Ginger on a trip to West Africa. She became instantly hooked after drinking Zobo and tiger-nut drinks every day and noticing the benefits.

when she returned, she realised that finding similar drinks on the shelve in supermarkets was a lot harder as such drinks were only served at special occasions such as native African weddings. And so she made it her mission to make refreshing drinks with only natural ingredients derived from natures itself. She began to experiment with different flavours and combinations at home in her kitchen, before perfecting the recipe for the flavours within the ‘Mother Africa’ and Tiger-nut drinks range.